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MYTH: Selling or buying a home without a realtor can save you money. 

FACT: Realtors are trained professionals with a great deal of tools and knowledge to buy/sell your home AND save you money or maximize your profit. 

We recently covered some helpful resources for home buyers and sellers on the blog (see that post HERE). While it is important for clients to be informed on all the in’s and out’s of real estate, it’s also worth pointing out all of the great benefits you get to enjoy when you use a Realtor to buy or sell your home. Working with a professionally-trained agent can save you time, money and hassle throughout the process. So, while it is possible to buy or sell a home on your own, make sure to take full stock of the wonderful advantages of using a licensed professional.

Some people are under the impression that they can save money by buying or selling a home themselves. Foregoing the services of a realtor may seem like a surefire way to save money, but chances are it will cost you in the long run. Realtors are trained and licensed, meaning they are the experts in their field. They are armed with all the tools and knowledge needed to successfully buy and sell properties. Their expertise is often what saves homeowners time and money.

Having gone through the necessary training and education and received the required licensure, these professionals are the best equipped to negotiate deals, properly complete documentations, market your home, and take the guesswork out of buying and selling property. A good Realtor is knowledgable and savvy, excited to educate clients while making sure they find something that reasonably meets their needs, getting the best deal possible and all in the shortest amount of time possible. In fact, you could say that part of their job is to save the client time and money.

Buying and selling homes is a complicated process that involves a lot of technical and legal knowledge. This can make it difficult for individuals to successfully sell their homes on their own without running into major roadblocks. In fact, some buyers expect the price of a ‘sale-by-owner’ home to be adjusted and lowered accordingly. An agent has access to valuable resources and industry knowledge that can play an integral part in the home buying process.

A recent closing with great repeat customers!

A recent closing with great repeat customers!

Some of the reasons it saves to use a Realtor:

  1. Realtors are licensed professionals, trained to deal with the process of selling/buying homes.
  2. Realtors have access to valuable resources that can move properties quicker, saving you time.
  3. Realtors are familiar with the legal aspects of property acquisition, working on your behalf to save you from the hassle.
  4. A good Realtor is a good negotiator, which can save you a lot of money in a deal.
  5. A good Realtor will keep in informed throughout the process, educate you on different topics, and work as your representative in the arena of real estate.

Licensed Realtors can be an invaluable tool throughout the home buying process. Do yourself a favor, and find a Realtor that you can trust with the task of finding your next home or selling your property. It could save you a great deal of time and money after all is said and done. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Central Florida area—from Oviedo to Longwood to Lake Mary—contact us today to talk to one of our agents: 407-930-4855 or

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