Where Can You Meet New Friends in Orlando?

Once you get out of school and own your own home, the opportunity to meet new people and expand your friend circle becomes more limited. One of the biggest complaints for adults is how hard it is to make new friends and develop significant bonds with them. 

New friends are unlikely to walk up to your front door and introduce themselves, so its key to get out of your comfort zone on the couch and give yourself the opportunity to meet new people. It’s also important to realize that many people are shy or reluctant to start a conversation with someone new, so when you try out a new group activity or class, don’t expect to make new friends the very first time. Be consistent in going to activities you enjoy so your face becomes familiar to the other people who attend. 

Some of the best places to try and meet new people might include:

  • Social media groups and apps like Peanut and Bumble BFF
  • Adult sport leagues where you can play team sports like dodgeball, soccer or cornhole
  • Hobby related classes at your local craft store  
  • Meetups for people with similar interests, like favorite sports teams or natural living 

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