Adding a new outdoor feature to your home can bring your family hours of enjoyment away from screens and portable electronics. But in order to make sure that you get the most use out of whatever you choose to add, its important to consider each option carefully. Be sure to consider your needs and how you might use the space to determine the right way to make your yard more useful. 

Lanai or Covered Porch

One of the most versatile additions to your backyard is a covered porch or living space where you can set up a seating area for friends to get comfortable. It’s a great place for people of all ages to get out and enjoy a little fresh air without overheating under the sun’s rays. Ceiling fans will help your visitors stay cool if you want to sit out on hot days, and a screen enclosure will keep most of the bugs and other pests away. 


If you just want a shady place to drink coffee in the morning or sip a glass of wine at night, a gazebo is easy to add to your space without taking over the entire yard. If you want to leave most of the grass open for kids to run around, or already have a pool that takes up much of the available space, a gazebo is a great way to add function without taking up much of the footprint. 


Adding a pool to your home might seem like nothing but fun, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility and expense. Be prepared for the added work it takes to keep a pool healthy, like testing the water’s balance, skimming leaves and debris off the top and adding chemicals if needed. In addition to keeping up with things outside, you’ll also have to keep up with supplying towels and snacks to visitors who stop in for a swim and keeping an eye on any children who come to the home. If you have children in your household, you may need to add a pool fence to ensure they don’t get in when you aren’t looking. You can read more about some issues you may have not considered in our previous blog: Is a Pool Home Right For You?

Summer Kitchen 

A summer kitchen is a great place to cook and entertain guests or family members. However, you’ll need to clean up all traces of food as soon as you finish cooking to avoid ants and other insects infesting the area. Remember that in summer, it may be too hot to want to cook and eat outside, unless you also have a pool for people to jump in. 

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