low-maint-homeOne of the main issues potential homeowners face is the amount of time and money that home maintenance requires. If you’ve gotten used to apartment living, the idea of having to handle the issues that arise yourself instead of calling the landlord can be overwhelming. One of the ways you can avoid spending a ton of effort and cash on maintaining a home is to choose a home that requires less maintenance. Here are some tips for choosing a home that requires a minimum amount of maintenance.

Pay Attention to The Outer Materials

Before you consider buying a home, take some time to research what materials the home was made with. These materials will dictate how often you need to repair or replace parts of the home. For example, a homemade with siding or a wood frame will naturally need more maintenance than a concrete or brick home. Shingle roofing is more susceptible to the elements than metal, and might need repairs after a heavy wind or severe thunderstorm. Take a few minutes to google how often the materials that make up the majority of the home are expected to last, and factor this into your decision to make an offer.

Consider The Yard and Garden Maintenance

Here in Florida, you can count on having to maintain your lawn and garden year round. Some of the questions you should ask to help you determine the amount of yard maintenance you’ll be in for include:

  • What type of grass was used for the lawn?
  • Does the lawn have a built-in irrigation system and how old is it?
  • Are the plants annuals or perennials?

If you want to do minimal maintenance, a home with stone landscaping can be a perfect solution. With no grass to cut, you’re guaranteed to have less work than the average homeowner. But remember that when the hot weather comes, your stone front yard may attract snakes and lizards who enjoy sunning themselves on this type of yard.

Select a Home With Long Lasting Interior Finishes

The outside of the home is not the only area that needs regular maintenance. Inside the home, items will wear out and need replacement, so it pays to look into the materials and finishes used inside as well as outside. Granite countertops may look great, but they will need resealing every three to five years. Soft carpeting may feel nice on your feet, but tile or wood flooring will last longer and be harder to damage. Consider how important these finishes are for your interior décor plans versus the amount of time they will take to maintain or replace.

By taking some time to consider how a home is made and what materials were used, you can be sure you won’t be spending all of your time performing maintenance and repairs. A low maintenance home will give you the freedom to enjoy your evenings and weekends the way you want.