If you’re planning a move to the Sunshine State from another part of the country, there is a lot of exciting change coming your way. While it might take you a few weeks or months to get used to life in Central Florida, you’ll soon find there are many advantages to living here. Here are some of the major changes you can anticipate when you get to Central Florida, and some tips on how to handle them.

Get Ready For The School Year to Start Early

If you have school-aged children or work in education, a move to Florida can mean cutting your summer break short. Kids in Central Florida start school in August, with the actual date varying based on the county the school falls in. The upside is that the end of the school year comes sooner than up north, with classes dismissing for the summer break in late May. Students also end the school day earlier than you may be used to, with classes ending at 2:30 PM on regular days and earlier on teacher planning days.

Adapt to Shorter Days and Hotter Temperatures

New residents of the Sunshine State might expect long days drenched in sunlight, but that’s not always the case. Days in Florida can be much shorter than up north, with the sun going down around 8 PM even in summer months. But unlike other states, the temperature in Central Florida can stay high even after the sun goes down. Summer nights here are often hot and humid, and even rain may not cool the weather down.

Be Aware When You Approach The Water

The warm temperature and multiple bodies of water make Florida a perfect habitat for animals, including snakes and alligators. Small lakes and retention ponds can be dangerous to enter, so be careful as you approach them. Keep small pets and children away from the water’s edge, and if you do see an alligator, do not feed it. While alligators are not naturally inclined to see humans as a food source, once a person feeds them, they can start to associate humans with food and become more aggressive.

Take Advantage of Your New Resident Status

Once you’re settled in your new home and ready to take a trip to one of Florida’s beaches, attractions or tourist spots, don’t forget to mention your Florida resident status. Many places offer a special Florida resident rate at certain times of the year, including Walt Disney World, major hotel chains and nationally known museums in major cities. Don’t forget, you’ll need to have a valid Florida ID before you can take advantage.

Life as a Central Florida resident has many advantages, including the great weather, beautiful landscape and low cost of living, If you’re ready to start calling the Central Florida area home, the Core Group can help you locate the home of your dreams. Click here to contact us and find out more.