top-schools-in-centralflaChoosing a home located near a good school is a smart tactic even for those who don’t currently have children. If you do decide to start a family down the road, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve already done the homework on local schools. Even if you don’t plan to become a parent, choosing a home located near highly rated schools can help add to the resale value when you’re ready to put your home on the market.

Top Rated Schools in Seminole County

Of the counties that make up the Central Florida area, Seminole County public schools typically have the highest ratings.  Some of the Seminole County public schools that are consistently highly rated include:

Wilson Elementary School, Sanford

Located on Orange Boulevard in Sanford, Wilson Elementary offers instruction for kids from pre-kindergarten up to 5th grade. The average student-teacher ratio is 14 students for each teacher, which is just below the average in Florida classrooms. In addition to regular classes, the school offers video film production to help students understand technology from a young age.

Crooms Academy of Information Technology, Sanford

Centered around teaching children the basics of information technology before they reach college, Crooms Academy is a high school serving grades nine through twelve. Parents with children who are already displaying a level of interest in the IT field can enroll them in AP classes to help them get a leg up on post-secondary coursework.

Top Rated Schools in Orange County

For families who live closer to downtown Orlando, there are still plenty of great schools to choose from in Orange County.  Some of the schools that have established a reputation for excelling in Orange County include:

Sunrise Elementary School, Orlando

Located on Lone Palm Road, Sunrise Elementary boasts a smaller than average class size and a higher than average test scores in both math and reading. Students as young as pre-kindergarten can benefit from Spanish language instruction and multiple extracurricular activities.

Hunters Creek Middle School, Orlando

This middle school uses technology to connect and engage with students, offering lessons through a digital platform. Children use iPads and computers to complete lessons, helping them get the skills they will need to use when they get into the workforce.

Winter Park High School, Orlando

Known as the number one high school in Orange County, Winter Park High School was one of the first high schools to open in Orange County. The building opened to students in the 1920s, and while the structure is getting old, the level of instruction is still said to be some of the highest in the county. The school offers students an international baccalaureate program and advanced placement classes.

While these are some of the schools known to offer students a quality education, Orlando, and the surrounding areas have many excellent public and private schools to choose from. A little research is all it takes to find a great school nearby wherever you decide to call home.