The Pros & Cons of Adding Automation To Your Home

Adding automation and technology to the home is becoming more normal, and even people who don’t have technology built into the home’s walls can easily add it in the form of an Amazon or Google Home device. Before you start allowing more technology into your home, there are a few things to know and factors to consider. Here are some of the key pros and cons to consider before adding more devices and increased automation your home. 

Pro: Added Convenience 

The point of virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri and in-home devices like the Echo or Google Home is to make your life more convenient, and once you’ve mastered using the device, there’s no question that you can save time and effort each day. Some of the ways these devices save time in your daily life include:

  • Less time spent on your phone checking the weather, sending texts or emails, buying gifts or checking your schedule
  • Fewer trips to the grocery store since you can simply add things to your cart on popular shopping websites
  • Spend less time reminding family members to do things because your personal assistant will remind them instead

Con: Loss of Privacy 

Privacy concerns are real when it comes to integrating a device into your home. While you might be concerned about how much information you expose to Google or Amazon by having a device in your home, its worth considering how much they already know. If you regularly use these sites for shopping, they already have a lot of information about your shopping habits, personal preferences and shipping address. 

Pro: Take Full Advantage of Your Subscription Services 

Most people are paying for services they don’t take full advantage of like a music streaming service, media platform or workout program. Having a device in your home that can play music, find the movie you want to watch or make it easy to stream your workout on your TV or tablet helps you use these services more often and truly get your money’s worth. 

Con: Added Impulse Spending

With an easy way to add items to your Amazon cart or buy movies you like, you may find yourself spending more than usual. This can be worse if you have a house full of kids and a spouse also making impulse purchases on a regular basis. There are ways to prevent purchases by certain household members, like setting up a password when you set up your device. 

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