The Easiest Ways to Automate Your Home

With technology built into even the smallest devices, it seems like having your life and home connected has never been easier. But it can be overwhelming trying to decide which parts of the home are worth automating and how to set these systems up. If you’re struggling to choose a home automation system, understanding what each one can do is a good way to make a decision. Here is a quick overview of some of the best ways to automate maintenance and other daily tasks around the home.


Today’s security systems do much more than protect entry points to the home. They can also help monitor the outside of the home, control the interior and exterior lights and even allow you to lock doors remotely if you forget to do so when you leave the house. This can help you automate simple but time-consuming tasks, like ensuring the lights are turned off at night and checking to make sure each window and door is closed.

A more budget friendly option to having a full security system put in place is to install a video doorbell yourself. These systems run on Wi-Fi and are made to be easy to install on any kind of door. Once set up, you can connect your computer or mobile device to the feed so you can monitor traffic past your door.


There are plenty of ways to automate shopping for your home without spending a fortune. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can get Dash buttons for essentials like soap, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Just push the button to have more of the item sent right to your door.

If you have a little more to spend, smart appliances aren’t at the point where they can fully automate things for you, but they can streamline daily annoyances like shopping trips and rushing home to cook dinner. Samsung’s latest smart fridge (we’re not affiliated, we just think it’s awesome) allows you to remotely see inside, so if you’re at the store unsure if you need more milk, you can peek inside the fridge via your phone and find out for sure. Many manufacturers also offer smart ovens that can be warmed up even when you aren’t home to make cooking faster.

Subscription boxes make it easier to cook a variety of meals without having to go to the grocery store. While the cost of having pre-portioned ingredients sent directly to you is more than shopping for your own ingredients, meal delivery services make it easy to set the amount you spend per serving.

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