The Best (and Safest) Ways to Show Off Your Home on Social Media

It’s only natural to want to show your home off on social media, especially if you have spent time and money renovating, decorating and improving the area. But while it seems normal since so many people are doing it, there can be risks to posting pictures and videos in the space where you live. Here are some tips to keep in mind when putting pictures of your house on Facebook or Instagram. 

Set Boundaries For Your Privacy

If your goal is to start a lifestyle blog or YouTube channel that features your home and family, you’re likely to share more often than someone who just wants to keep friends and family informed on what’s new. By deciding what your goal is, you can be better prepared for how much time and effort it will take and how much privacy you are willing to sacrifice. An aspiring social media influencer will naturally need to have a public social media feed, and with that there may be negative feedback and attention that comes. 

Check in With Other Family Members Before Posting  

Even children have rights to preserve their privacy online, and some parents feel passionately about limiting their children’s social media exposure. If you have friends or family members children at your home for fun activities and sleepovers, be sure to check in with their parents before sharing images on social media. This will avoid any issues once the photos are posted or shared. 

Examine Your Posts with Critical Eyes

No one likes to think about it, but criminal minded people may look for information or vulnerabilities on your social media. Before you post a picture or story that reveals personal information, take a moment to examine it with critical eyes and see if there are too many details in the post. Some things to avoid posting if you have a public profile with lots of followers you do not know include:

  • Photos of your home’s exterior that show the house number or street sign 
  • Announcements of the dates you will be on vacation or away from home 
  • New big-ticket purchases like electronics and jewelry 

Highlight What Makes Your Home Unique

Since there are plenty of people on Instagram and Facebook sharing their interior design style, try to focus on what is unique and eye catching around your home, whether that’s a built in feature or a décor style that you’ve put together. This will help you get your views and follower counts up. 

If you are looking for a home of your own to enjoy decorating and showing off, The Core Group can help you. We are ready to show you properties in and around Orlando that you can make your own and share your creation with the world.