A key part of the process of buying a home is asking the right questions. As a buyer, you should never hesitate to ask anything you want to know before you agree to purchase a property. But, there are times that the excitement of the home buying process causes you to forget to ask the important questions. Here are 5 questions you should always ask before you buy a home.

When Were The Textiles Last Replaced?

Some home listings state when the home was last renovated, but if it isn’t explicitly stated, you may want to ask how long certain items have been in place, such as:

  • Kitchen cabinets and floors
  • Toilets and showers
  • Tile or carpeting in living areas

Knowing how long these items have been in place will give you a good idea of how much longer they might last, and how soon you’ll have to look at replacing them at your own cost.

Has The Plumbing Been Checked?

While a home appraisal before you purchase the home will give you an idea of any major plumbing issues that exist, it wont tell you if the hot water heater was recently replaced or why certain drains in the home runs slow. If the previous homeowner used the same plumbing service over a period of years, you may want to look at hiring the same one to keep consistency. If they have been performing regular system checks, they may also have valuable insights into any existing issues with the plumbing system.

Are There Any Home or Appliance Warranties That Will Transfer?

If the home has recently purchased appliances that are staying in place, ask if there are any associated warranties and make sure you get the accompanying papers. The same may apply if the home was recently built, as some new homes carry a warranty for up to five years after they are built.

What Are The Local Expansion Plans?

If the neighborhood has plans to grow, they can impact you in many ways. New shops and restaurants can make your day to day life more convenient, but they may also bring more congestion to the rods nearby. New schools and parks can be an advantage if you plan to start a family, and they can increase your property values for resale. Learning what the immediate plans are for the area around your new home can help you make a solid decision.

What are The Peak Traffic Times and Routes?

A good percent of your day is spent commuting to work and social activities, so its worth finding out how bad traffic gets in your potential new neighborhood, and if there are back routes you can take to circumvent the worst of it. Try visiting the area at different times throughout the day to see how traffic flows, and exploring nearby roads to find your own shortcuts.

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