As much as we adored the Pixar classic, were we to find Nemo on a communal platter with fresh wasabi and pickled ginger… well, sorry kids. And while we’re deep in a sea of options, you can easily enroll in the school of Yelp to fish out Orlando’s best vinegared ricepaired edibles. So take a wok on the raw side as this Weekly Yelp rolls out some of the best sushi around these tasty parts.
When it comes to quality catch, Nona Sushi isn’t Jacqueline F‘s “official neighborhood sushi joint” for no reason. She suggests this fin-tabulous destination when you are looking for superb sushi, and guarantees, no matter the price, you get what you pay for. Ever since Clyde M set his taste buds on Kata Thai Kitchen and Sushi Bar, he can’t get enough of this marvelous marriage of rice and oceanic offerings, citing their bomb-proof execution. “Give it a try!” When Phil V treats himself to Mikado, he has to “gaze longingly at the menu and decide what sacrifices to make” since he enjoys the “noodle dishes and the sushi.” Regardless, whatever he dives into ends up being a reel treat; “the food is, of course, what makes this place so awesome. The Crunchy Roll is a delicious mélange of subtle flavors, and the Mikado Roll ended up being fought over on a recent foray with a group of friends.” It shore sounds like “a little slice of heaven.”

Have a hankering for fish on a totally different scale? Ricky L’s got your net cast. He was so flooded with selections atIzziban, he “didn’t know where to start!” After heavy contemplation, he went with the oven-baked sushi pizza: “seaweed paper tempura topped with crab, shrimp,mushroom, avocado, scallions, masago and mozzarella.” Elsewhere, Nicole E confesses, “I love sushi, so maybe that makes me a bit of a pushover, but I am completely in love with Nagoya.” They have such a stellar selection of sushi that she treated herself to a boat full! She can’t help herself when the rolls are just so “delightful.” An “extensive selection of sushi also awaits” at WazzabiDana H confirms they have “excellent combinations and a little bit of something for everyone. Even the simple rolls were tasty and well-executed.” You can tell us arigatou gozaimasu for all this advice later!