We are getting ready to put a brand new listing on the market that has all the charm in the world. Before marketing it publicly I think it is worth getting out to our friends who may have some interest in it, or know someone who is looking for something like this. This home is approximately 1,800 sq ft with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms in Maitland just one block from Winter Parks’ Park Avenue. This home currently belongs to my [Justin] aunt and my mother’s [Cheryl] youngest sister, Lesley.

Lesley has been given an opportunity to make a career move to Atlanta, but really does not want to leave this house behind. I know if she could pick it up and move there she would. It is a funny story how she came to own this home, and it happened rather quickly. We were working with some buyers who wanted to be in the Winter Park area, and fell in love with this house. In touring the house, Cheryl knew it would be perfect for Lesley (who wasn’t even looking at the time). The original buyers who were interested were unable to negotiate to the point they wanted to be, so Cheryl mentioned it to Lesley. Almost immediately we set up an appointment for Lesley and she was under contract. The rest is history, but now we would love for someone else to enjoy this house. If you or someone you know would like to be in this area forward them this post and let take a look at the pictures below.


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