Simple Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Curb Appeal

It takes only seconds for buyers to make a first impression of your home and decide if they can see themselves living happily in it. The small imperfections that may exist on the outside of your home might give them pause and lead them to cross it off their list. Instead of risking losing a potential sale, taking some time to make the home look more appealing from the outside can pay off when your home sells soon after you list it.


Here are some simple ways to increase the curb appeal of your home:

  • Pressure wash the home, driveway and walkways to remove any dirty spots or surface stains. You can rent a pressure washer from a home improvement store and most properties can be clean within a few hours. Cleaning your siding and windows will make the inside and outside look fresher by removing cobwebs from the outer surface and allowing more light into the home.
  • Consider re-painting your front door an eye-catching color to help give the outside of the home a fresh look. This typically takes less than a gallon of paint and a day or two to complete, making it an easy project to tackle before you take listing photos. Turquoise, lime green and yellow are all bright enough to draw attention without clashing with popular exterior colors. Any leftover paint can be used to make shutters or trim items around the front entryway match the door.
  • Upgrade the house numbers to make finding the home easier. Believe it or not, buyers will remember how they felt when they got to a home as they decide on whether to purchase. With easy to spot house numbers, your home stands out as easy to find, giving it a positive association long after the initial visit is over.
  • Replace or fix any exterior lights that don’t currently work. If a buyer comes to see the home at night time, the light will help them get a full view of the outdoor space.
  • Add potted plants to fill in parts of the garden or front yard that are currently bare. They will give a full look to the front of the home and you can take them along with you to your next home when you move out. Get matching pots from your local home improvement store to give the plants a uniform look and place them in clusters along the walkway or front stairs to draw the eye as visitors walk up to the home.

Increasing curb appeal is just one of the ways to make your home sell faster. The Core Group’s expert team can help you get the price you want for your home. Click here to contact us and get the process started.