Places to (Literally) Chill Out in Orlando

If you live for the time of year when the temperature drops, and you need a sweater, living in Orlando might be a bummer. Yes, there are the occasional cold nights, but the chance of seeing ice and snow is limited. If you like to see a little snowfall before the holidays, you’ll have to get creative. The good news is that you can find some great places right in Central Florida to visit and soak in a little winter atmosphere.


On International Drive, IceBar is a great place to have drinks and dance the night away to warm up. That’s because the atmosphere inside the main room of the bar is kept at a chilly below freezing temperature to help keep the ice sculptures and main bar safe. The Fire Lounge and other rooms are kept warmer, and the hostesses have parkas and gloves you can wear to stay warm while you check out the largest permanent ice bar in the world.

Ice at the Gaylord Palms Resort

The area’s biggest and best-known winter celebration is held annually at the Gaylord Palms resort with a host of winter activities to try and sculptures to admire. With hard carved replicas of the Nativity and a two-story high ice slides, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. This year’s celebration is “A Christmas Story” themed, with replicas of classic scenes from the holiday movie.

The ICE celebration is kept even colder than IceBar, at around nine degrees. You can step out briefly to warm up, but they don’t allow you to leave and come back in, so it’s best to be prepared by dressing warmly. While they offer winter gear onsite, you can also bring your own gloves, scarf or hat if you have them to stay toasty. Closed toed shoes are required, and boots are ideal if they have non-slippery soles and a low heel. If you’re a Florida native, this is a great way to experience ice sliding in a tube over five different slides designed to help you pick up speed on the way down.

Now Snowing in Celebration

Capturing the spirit of small-town USA is what Celebration does best, every time of year, but winter here is especially breathtaking. Disney’s traditional American town looks even more magical with swirls of snow floating through the air and carols playing around every corner. In addition to playing in the faux powder, kids can visit Santa in his cottage and take pictures with giant gingerbread men and Christmas presents. Even couples without children can enjoy a romantic date night ice skating and taking a carriage ride.

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