Realtor Justin Core at Wall Crawl Orlando

If you thought the headline was going to make this a letter about politics you’re going to be sadly mistaken 🤣. You have to friend me on Facebook to get that kind of insight.

With that being said, this year is going to be an ADVENTURE!

I agreed to a challenge that started on January 1st and runs [pun intended] for 75 consecutive days. While writing this, I am 30 days in. One of the requirements is to work out twice a day for 45 minutes each, one of which must be outdoors. The other daily requirements are to drink 1 gallon of water, read 10 pages from a hard copy book, and take daily progress photos. You have to follow some sort of dietary plan and can’t drink alcohol. This challenge is called 75 hard.

I turned down the “opportunity” to do this last year because… Well, who would want to? When the opportunity arose again to jump start the new year with this challenge and I reluctantly agreed. Now that I’m almost halfway through and I want to shed light on a few things.

The old saying of what you focus on becomes your reality is without a doubt accurate. I’ve been talking about 75 hard, I’ve been in groups with people who are doing 75 hard, I am aware of the challenge from the moment I wake up because I have water sitting beside my bedside needing to be finished and a workout to be completed.

The changes I’ve noticed and the things that are helping me accomplish this are mental toughness and willingness to go knock out a 45 minute workout. I’ve built habits around this. I run with my one-year-old and jogging stroller nearly every night before bed. It puts him right to sleep. Why didn’t I think of this a year ago?

The other victory is eliminating temptations by not having them accessible. For instance, what is on your diet is nearly the only thing that should be in your refrigerator. Cutting out alcohol and still buying beer cannot coexist. This should trickle down to many areas of our life where we can eliminate things that we want to do in order to force us to do the things we wish to do. I should read more books and watch less TV. Cut the cable and buy books.

I want to encourage you to look at where your stumbling blocks are and see if you can simply eliminate them rather than “trying to do a little better“. This is where we all fail in our goal setting and self improvement.

If you are interested in trying the 75 hard challenge, please reach out to me. I’ll help direct you on the right path.


Justin Core

P.S. Real estate real estate market is currently void of inventory. I need more houses to sell. If you know anyone who is even considering talking about this I would be honored with an introduction. I’m not to the point of begging, but almost 🙂 it’s that desolate out there with inventory. Let me know here.