Orlando is a great place to experience global food at an affordable price. Every season brings new food trends to Orlando to go with the old favorites. From restaurants that highlight new flavors to stores that offer high quality ingredients that are hard to find, there’s plenty to explore in the local area and always a new dish to try. These are the top food trends you need to get ready to try over the next coming months in Orlando.  

Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine Reign Supreme

The days where vegetarians and vegans were limited to eating at home because restaurants didn’t cater to them are behind us, and options now exist for any diet. People who avoid animal products have a range of restaurants to eat at. There are even options for those who want a quick bite or a sweet treat. One of the highest rated bakeries in the area, Market on South, offers desserts so decadent you wouldn’t even know they are made with alternative ingredients. The vegan donuts come in a range of traditional flavors with a special twist and elaborate decorations. 

Get a Taste of Miami Right in Kissimmee 

Well known in South Florida, Miami Grill is coming up to the central Florida area starting this summer. Bringing affordable gyros, subs and Latino influenced cuisine like Cuban sandwiches, empanadas and tostones, the chain has opened its first location on Hwy 192 in Kissimmee.  Owned in part by the rapper Pitbull, new locations of the casual eatery will be popping up fast all over the area. 

Or Incorporate Ethnic Ingredients at Home!

If you prefer to cook at home, there are new places to venture out for a range of special ingredients. The Presidente Supermarket is a new take on the ethnic supermarket, catering to various nationalities and cuisines from around the Caribbean. This makes it easy to get ingredients and spices from Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica in one trip instead of having to hit several small specialty shops. 

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