Neighborhood Spotlight: Casselberry

Present day Casselberry traces its origins back to the 1940s, when residents wanted to create a town that would allow them to avoid paying taxes on their gains. From this modest start, the area grew to be a large part of the Central Florida community, and a popular place for residents who want to be close to Orlando without being in the crush of downtown. It’s also a place where nature lovers can take in plenty of sunshine and incorporate outdoor living into daily habits. Read on to learn more about what to expect from life in Casselberry and whether it could be right for you.

Where is Casselberry?

Though once a mostly agricultural and undeveloped area, Casselberry has grown to be a vital and interesting place to live. Casselberry is located in Seminole County, but that doesn’t mean that it is far from the places you’ll want to go. It’s only ten miles from here to Downtown Orlando along Highway 17-92 or State Road 436, both of which pass through the middle of town.  Casselberry is also easy to get to from I-95, where you take exit 90 to exit on Maitland Boulevard into the main part of town. The city itself is around 8 miles in area, and home to just over 25,000 people.

Things to Do in Casselberry

Life in Casselberry can be an outdoor lover’s dream, with perfect locations for spending as much time as time outside as possible. The city manages a lot of resources that are open to the public and designed to be incorporated into your daily routines. There are 16 parks within Casselberry, each with different features and amenities, including:

  • Small neighborhood parks, like Branch Tree Park and Sunset Park, for everyday enjoyment
  • Parks for wildlife watching, like Crystal Bowl Park, home to a butterfly garden
  • Large parks like Dew Drop Park, Sunnytown Park, Secret Lake Park and Lake Hodge Park, with on-site sports facilities and playgrounds

A great feature that you’ll only find here is the Casselberry Greenway Trail, a bicycle trail that was built with the intention of eventually stretching it all around town. Since then, plans have changed to include walking paths for pedestrians with dogs, and traffic calming devices that will help things flow smoothly. Currently, the trail extends for 5 miles, connecting several parks, schools and local points of interest. Riders can get on the trail at Wirz, Crystal Bowl, or Secret Lake Parks, and ride all the way around several of the lakes and up to State Road 436.

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