800px-villa_vizcaya_20110228For a first-time buyer in the central Florida area, the variety of home styles on the market can be overwhelming. From historic homes that have a classic look to luxury resort style condos, there are a lot of options to choose from. One way to keep from getting overwhelmed on your home search is to learn a little about the different style of homes on the local market, and decide which ones you prefer. Even if you choose to custom build a home, it will be easier to communicate what you like and don’t like to your builder once you know which features are common to each architectural style. Here is a quick look at the defining characteristics of each architectural style you are likely to see around Orlando and the rest of central Florida.

Spanish or Mediterranean Style

One of the architectural styles most often associated with Florida is the Spanish or Mediterranean style. Although this style is more common in South Florida, many people dream of an Orlando home complete with palm trees set against a tile roof with stucco walls and iron window trim. Spanish style homes are usually easily recognizable, and there are several communities in the Orlando area where all of the homes keep this theme. Due to the added cost and extended life of a tile roof, you can expect a higher listing price on Spanish style homes.

Ranch Style

A ranch style home is typically laid out on one level, with an attached garage on one end. Ranch style homes are popular in central Florida for a variety of reasons. With everything laid out on one floor, these homes are ideal for Florida’s senior population and convenient for young families with children. They also allow for the easy addition of a screened porch or Florida room, which many homeowners in this area desire because they allow for more outdoor living.

Victorian Style

A Victorian style home is easy to spot thanks to the narrow, tall design and embellished details. Victorians get their character from the fact that they aren’t cookie cutter, and can have different kinds of trim, porches with rails and lots of smaller size windows. Because they tend to date back to decades ago, most Victorian homes are found in the historic parts of Central Florida.

Contemporary Style

The contemporary style home is a modern style that includes many of the features buyers in Central Florida desire, such as high ceilings and an open floor plan. Some potential buyers are put off by contemporary homes because they are not distinctive and lack the character of an older home. But contemporary homes are popular because they typically have enough room for a family, have a durable stucco finish, and tend to be newer constructions.
Once you have determined the right style of home for you, the next step is to begin looking at properties. The Core Group can help by showing you what’s available in the Central Florida area that meets your preferences. To get started, contact us today.