Most Important Luxury Home Features For Resale

Reselling a luxury home can be more difficult than selling a simple starter home in certain markets. Luxury buyers can be more demanding when they look for a property, and they are looking for a more precise set of features within the home. If you have a home that will target luxury buyers, here are some of the key features you may want to add to your home to make sure that buyers are interested in it when you are ready to list.

What Features Are The Most Popular in Luxury Homes?

A recent study from showed that most luxury homes that sell for a million dollars or more across the United States include these features:

  • A backyard pool
  • Waterfront location or water views
  • A gourmet kitchen with updated appliances
  • An elevator to take residents between levels
  • A bar area for entertaining

Within the state of Florida specifically, having the right location is key to enticing luxury home buyers. The homes that fetch the highest selling prices are set along a waterfront with views over the water. In Orlando, this is likely to be one of the many lakes that dot the area, or a manmade water feature created by the neighborhood developers. Another unique feature that luxury buyers want within this state is an elevator. Over twenty percent of the homes that sell in this state for over a million dollars include an elevator. This is a feature likely to appeal to an older demographic of buyers, who may have a larger budget than young families.

Incorporating Unique Features

Selling a luxury home takes a different approach than selling to a wider market. Instead of casting a wide net to appeal to most buyers, selling a luxury home is about finding the right buyer who falls in love with the home. Luxury buyers aren’t necessarily looking for the same thing as everyone else, so adding unique features the home that they can show off to friends and family after they move in can be enticing to them.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be scared to add unique features to the home, like:

  • Upgraded kitchen cabinets and countertops
  • A wine cellar
  • Surveillance or security system
  • Smart home capabilities, including a programmable thermostat and smart appliances
  • Home theater or man cave

No matter which elements you choose to add to the home, having them installed by a skilled professional will make them more valuable. Home features installed by a reputable professional are often covered by a warranty in case anything goes wrong in the future.

If you are looking to purchase a luxury home that includes all the features you need, the Core Group can help. Our team can show you high end properties in many areas of Orlando. Contact us today to get the process started.