There have been three key words that have surrounded the world of real estate since its beginning. They have defined good investment decisions, home buying decisions, and become a rule of thumb for everyone from first time homebuyers to billionaire tycoons. Location, Location, Location has been the keystone for every real estate purchase. Now, with the tides changing to a slower marketplace in a down economy these words have also begun to evolve. In our current residential marketplace in Central Florida those words have become Price, Price, Price.

We have seen time and time again, great homes, in great locations sit vacant for months and months. On the flip side, we have seen subpar homes, in mediocre neighborhoods receive three and four offers the first day on the market. This has become a trend that is carrying across all price ranges in all neighborhoods. There are a few reasons for this trend. First, buyers are more educated now than they ever have been in the past. The internet has allowed buyers to search through all the available homes on the market without ever leaving their couch. By the time they get out and begin physically looking at properties they are so aware of what it is they are looking for that they are much quicker to write an offer. The key to getting these offers is to have it priced at a point where they are willing to schedule a physical showing. Secondly, investors are a pocket of buyers that have not previously been competing with residential home buyers. Investors can smell value before it hits the MLS and are prepared to write an offer, sometimes, sight unseen.

With all this being said, if you are attempting to sell a home you need to be aware of the circumstances. Pricing for a quick sale does not mean a cheap sale. Well educated buyers are willing to pay market value for a home. Often times sellers price a home with “negotiating room” which leads to them losing much of their buyers market and ultimately taking less for their property due to a lack of demand. Weary sellers can’t negotiate well and never will. Get the most out of your sale by competitively pricing your home.

Keep the new rule of thumb in mind. PRICE, PRICE, PRICE!