Is there a secret off-market real estate network?

Justin weighs in.

Our market inventory of new, available homes is nearly ZERO.

This means homes coming available for sale this month will all be sold!

As a home buyer this gives you 3 options:

1) Look at homes that have been on the market. They are likely overpriced or need some TLC!

2) Compete for homes immediately when they come on the market. (We have seen winning offers being up to $30k over asking price just this month.)

3) Get inside information about homes before they go on the market.

Every year we come across about 200 – 300 listings that will be hitting the market over the course of the year by way of current and past clients, our networks, and other means. Sometimes we have months of advance notice, and sometimes we only have a few days.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect house, it’s important to have an agent in your corner that has access to this type of inventory to truly show up as a competitive player in today’s market.

You likely have a list of your must-haves, and it’s our goal to meet that list while staying within budget and moving with an aggressive timeline. Sometimes, that involves finding your perfect home before it hits the market.


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