Many new homes are built with integrated safety features like an alarm system, but there are other features that you may not realize help to keep your home safe. There are many different components to safety, including keeping the residents of your home safe from intruders as well as unexpected accidents, like fire and gas leaks. Look for these built in safety features as you shop for a home.

Outdoor Lighting

Proper outdoor lighting acts as a deterrent to crime and vandalism, as well as an added layer of security at night time. Exterior lights not only stop potential thieves from approaching, they also act as a layer of protection for visitors to your property. Pathway lighting helps to keep guests safe as they walk at night.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The National Fire Protection Agency says that as a guideline, you should place a fire alarm in multiple places within the home, including:

  • Inside every bedroom
  • Directly outside of each bedroom
  • On each floor of the home

Using these guidelines, the amount of smoke detectors you need can vary greatly. If you have a four-bedroom home, but all four bedrooms are on one single story, you may only need five smoke detectors. However, a four-bedroom house which is spread across three stories could require seven smoke detectors to meet the same standard. As you walk through a home you may want to buy, check to make sure there are visible smoke detectors in these key places.

Another prudent thing to have is a carbon monoxide detector, which detects any possible leaks of this odorless but very dangerous gas. One of these should be enough for your entire home, but this can depend on the square footage.

Video Doorbell

An integrated entryway system is one of the best ways to keep unwanted visitors from your home, particularly if you do not live in a gated community. While you can buy and set up your own aftermarket video doorbell system, the quality of video with an integrated system can be higher and operating the system much simpler. These built in systems are also harder for thieves to break or tamper with than the cheaper, aftermarket versions.

Alternate Entrance and Exit Points

If a fire does break out inside the home, having extra exit points to leave can be vital. Ensure that the windows open or alternate doors work in case you need to use them to get out in a hurry. If you have multiple family members or roommates in the home, take the time to identify the closest exit point for each person to avoid a bottleneck when a real emergency occurs.

If you’re looking for a newer home in the Orlando area that comes with integrated safety features, the Core Group can help you find the right one. Contact us today to get started.