How Writing a Letter Can Help You Stand Out in a Bidding War

In today’s world where we see so much bad news and negative headlines, it’s easy to lose faith in humanity and think that no one cares about each other. However, there are still people in the world who can be moved by a personal appeal and care about the future generations of children growing up in Orlando. There are still some ways to connect with other people even as you engage in a transaction that is worth a lot of money, like buying a home.

A recent trend in the Orlando area is showing that money is not always the only important thing for sellers in Central Florida. In cases where a seller has more than one offer on the table, writing a personal letter explaining why you want the home is working for some buyers. The Orlando Sentinel recently reported that writing love letters to sellers to win a bidding war is a trend that is gaining steam in the Orlando market, where affordable homes can be hard to find. By expressing how they fell in love with the home and what they find so appealing about it, buyers can form a personal bond with the owner and end up getting their offer accepted, even if it is for the same price others have offered.

This idea is not new and has worked in other parts of the country where bidding wars are common. In some cases, knowing that a family will be moving into the home can even edge out a larger offer from an investment group or developer. Many people are against gentrification of neighborhoods, a process where developers buy land in an area that has lost appeal, build new residences and market them to higher income buyers at a profit. This can drive up the rent in the area and make it unaffordable for small businesses and hardworking everyday people. Some residents

If you find yourself in a bidding war and want to try writing a letter to the seller, here are some tips to keep in mind:
Keep the letter short. The seller may be very busy at this time getting ready to move and may not have time to read a long and drawn out explanation of why you want the home.

Try to draw common bonds with the seller, for example, if you can see that they have a family, explain how you are hoping to make your family a home in the property they are selling. Some buyers will even include photos of the family and pets to make a more compelling case.

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