How to Convert Your Garage into a Living Space

Transforming the cluttered, dusty space in your garage into a real bedroom might seem like a huge task that requires a lot of work. But it can be well worth the effort if you get increased usage and enjoyment out of the space. As a bonus, this increase in living space can translate into a bigger selling price when you are ready to resell.

Use a Ductless AC System

Installing an air conditioning system in the converted garage space is one of the tasks that homeowners dread, for good reason. Extending your current ductwork to this part of the home is a messy and expensive process, and window units might spoil the high end look you’re going for in the space. A ductless AC system can be a good solution for these spaces. A ductless AC system has a compressor on the outside of the structure that is funneled directly through to a wall mounted unit and is very easy to put in place in a garage space.

Incorporate Luxurious, Warm Fabrics

The top complaint that people have about garage spaces is that they feel cold or impersonal, even after you’ve done the work to convert the space. To combat this feeling, try incorporating luxurious fabrics that give a warm feeling to the room, like chenille, wool and flannels. A small electric fireplace can add a cozy touch to one corner and provide extra lighting within the dark space.

Paint or Cover Flooring

A garage floor is one of the simplest things to cover because it is basically a blank canvas. You can paint it with epoxy paint, lay down tiles or place carpeting over the garage flooring to make it match the rest of the floors throughout the home.

Consider Resale Value

Adding more livable square footage to your home should translate to a higher price tag when you are ready to move on, but that isn’t always the case. If the work is incomplete or shoddily done, potential buyers may take this as a negative and offer less for the home because they anticipate spending money to get the space up to par. This is one good reason to use a contractor instead of trying to do the conversion yourself. You will have a reliable date when the work will be done instead of trying to get it finished after work and on weekends.

Make Sure Permits Aren’t Required

Anytime you make changes to your home, you may run into permitting issues with the local county authorities. Always check with them first to find out if you need a permit to make changes to your home– it could save a headache!

If you’re looking for a home with a garage space with potential to call your own, the Core Group can help. Contact us today to get the process started.