How New Residents Are Transforming Orlando

For people who grew up in Orlando decades ago and come home to visit, the landscape of the city might be unrecognizable. Things have changed quite a bit in the last decades, thanks to the changes in the people who live locally and the cultural influence they bring to the city. This makes Orlando very different from other Florida cities, like Jacksonville and Daytona Beach. Not only are Orlando’s demographics unique, the economic opportunities here are some of the best in the Central Florida area Here are some of the key elements that are changing life in Orlando.

An Educated Young Workforce

In addition to smaller, popular schools like Full Sail and Stetson University, the University of Central Florida is one of the largest schools in the United States in terms of students enrolled. With so many higher education options locally, Orlando sees a lot of young students come to the area to get educated, but the increase in high paying jobs with large national companies has helped to keep them here. Young professionals who would have moved to Atlanta or another major city in past years are opting to stay and put down roots. The addition of plenty of things to do beyond the theme parks, like an active nightlife scene, sports teams and shopping destinations makes Orlando an appealing place to live for these people.

The Caribbean Influence

Thanks to its warm climate and proximity to the Caribbean, Orlando has become a destination for Caribbean immigrants who want affordable living. In addition to large Haitian, Cuban and Dominican communities, Orlando is home to Florida’s largest Puerto Rican community. Over in Kissimmee, census figures show that the population is mostly Spanish speaking households of Hispanic descent. The influence of these people can be seen all over the city in the wealth of Spanish speaking businesses, churches and cultural centers. It has also helped city leaders make decisions that influence life in the area, like bringing a soccer team to the area.

How the SunRail is Helping Move People Around the Area

The SunRail high speed public transportation system has changed the way that local people get in and out of Orlando. Minimizing traffic on the roads and helping people commute to better paying jobs, the rail system makes life easier for people who live in the suburbs. Though use of the system has been less than projected so far, experts hope that in time it will become a more popular option and change Orlando’s traffic patterns. Future expansion to Sanford Airport, Daytona Beach and Lakeland, which will only bring more people into the area.

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