How Life in Orlando is Becoming More Convenient


Many Orlando residents want to simplify their lives even further than just great weather, close beaches, and beautiful parks. To do this, there are now many services available for delivery or sub-contracting to other people to get things done. This leaves you free to spend more time on the activities they enjoy. Here are some of the best apps and services that exist to help make your life in Orlando more convenient:

Food & Grocery Delivery Services

If you plan your shopping and meals ahead, you may never have to set food in a grocery store or crowded restaurant again. There are many local and national chains offering grocery delivery in the Orlando area, including:

  • Grubhub, Postmates, DoorDash and individual restaurant delivery services for food from most area restaurants
  • Publix delivery through Shipt app and website
  • Aldi delivery through Instacart
  • Whole Foods delivery through Amazon

If you prefer to shop small, many local farms and community gardens will deliver fresh produce and meat right to your door on a weekly or monthly basis. Other services will help you eat healthy by preparing small meals and smoothies you can simply heat or mix and eat on the go. Using fresh ingredients and no preservatives, these meals can be much better for you than takeout or frozen meals from the grocery store and can also be prepared to fall within the keto or paleo diet guidelines.

These meal preparation services offer packages where you can order a few meals to supplement your cooking through the week all the way up to three meals a day. Some of the most popular and highest rated meal preparation services in the Orlando area include Mindful MealsCatered Fit, and Fresh n Lean.

Personal Services

It’s no big surprise to hear that you can hire people to trim your lawn or walk your dog. But the thriving gig economy in Orlando means that you can have almost any household task outsourced for a fair price. From laundry services that will pick up your dirty clothes and drop them off fresh and clean to yoga teachers who can give you private lessons by the pool, almost any service you want in the area can come to you.

Disney’s FastPass

Even time spent at the theme parks can be pre-organized, unlike years before where you had to stand in line for everything. Improvements to Disney’s FastPass mean that as soon as you buy your tickets and pick a day to visit, you can use the Disney Parks app and website to pre-book certain rides and experiences. This cuts down on the amount of time you spend wandering around the park and helps you keep your visit short.

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