Location: Islamorada, Fla.
Price: $6,250,000
The Skinny: Washed ashore by a hurricane and then permanently grounded near where it was beached on Islamorada in the Florida Keys, the Bay Bourne Houseboat has a long and storied history both on and off the warm blue waters of the Florida Straits. Custom built for hotel magnate Conrad Hilton in 1948, the Cris Craft boat was docked at a nearby resort in 1960, when Hurricane Donna’s storm surge tore it from its moorings and dumped it unceremoniously on the roadbed of U.S. 1. The locals then rolled it on telephone poles to its current location just steps from the sea, where it has played host to notables such as former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Harry S. Truman (who reportedly penned the Truman Letters while staying onboard). The ridiculously adorable tub has two staterooms, two bathrooms, a galley, and beautiful white sand/blue water views. It’s asking $6.25M, which includes five acres of lush tropical forest.

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· 101 Carroll Street, Islamorada, Fla. [Sotheby’s Internationa]