There are many different kinds of housing options on the market, each with their own pros and cons. Finding out about what each type of home means and how much work it entails is the best way to figure out which is right for you. Here are four questions that will help you get clarity on what kind of home is right for your family and situation.

How Much Maintenance Do You Want To Do?

Some homeowners take pride in working on improving their homes, while others prefer to spend their spare time relaxing instead of cutting grass and planting hedges.  If you’re the type of person who prefers to enjoy their free time, a condo or townhome can be a better option for you, as the exterior of the property is someone else’s responsibility in these kinds of communities.

How Important is Outdoor Space to You?

If you want a backyard for your kids and animals to run free in, a single family home is the only option that will truly give you this freedom. However, the price point on homes can be higher and the maintenance required can be overwhelming for a first time homeowner. Make sure you consider these factors before you commit to buying a stand alone home and end up hating the responsibility involved.

Are Amenities a Must Have?

Florida summers can be long and hot with no pool to splash around in. If you love having amenities close by to you, but can’t quite afford a private pool or tennis court just yet, purchasing a home within a community or a condo in an updated building can be the perfect solution. But be careful, as many communities that have amenities charge a fee for maintenance that you’ll have to pay monthly in addition to your rent.

Is this a Temporary or Forever Home?

If your main purpose in buying a home is to stop paying rent and build equity, it can be smart to purchase a property with resale potential in mind instead of choosing something unique that appeals to only you. You may have to sacrifice some of the custom features you would want in a forever home, but a home that appeals to more potential buyers will sell faster once you list it. The same applies when choosing a neighborhood. An area with top rated schools and lots of conveniences nearby is easier to sell a home in than a more rural one that may not be as well known.

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