How to Keep Your Interior & Exterior Plants Healthy Through Central Florida Summers

Thanks to our abundance of sunshine and rain year-round and our mild winters, many homeowners think that growing plants is going to be easy in Orlando. While the near tropical climate does make it possible to bring a wide range of plants to your property, keeping them healthy can be challenging and time consuming. If part of your dream of homeownership is having a lush garden outside or plenty of plants inside, here are some tips to help you keep your plants healthy in Central Florida from the experts at the Core Group. 

Choose the Right Plants for Each Area 

Doing a little research on the kinds of plants you want to buy will help you be successful and keep you from wasting money on plants that end up dying. You can select from a wide variety if indoor plants, but it’s important to choose the plants that fit your lifestyle and level of commitment to caring for the plants. Some interior houseplants, like ferns and orchids, require more care than other plant varieties. Exterior plants will need to be hardy enough to absorb the intense sunlight in the summer, or they need to be planted in an area with shade, like next to the house or under a large tree. 

Keep Inside Plants Stable and Happy 

Most indoor plants simply want a stable environment where they can get the right things to help them grow. This includes a regular amount of sunlight exposure, water, and a uniform temperature. In the summer months, the effect of the sun coming through the windows can be too intense for your indoor plants, so you may need to move them to a spot that is partially shaded or rotate them in and out of the sun. 

Protect Outdoor Plants from The Sun’s Intensity 

In the summer, the extra sunlight will help your plants flourish if it doesn’t cause damage. To prevent damage, take some steps to protect them, including:

  • Water plants in the evening to stop the sunlight from evaporating the water before it can soak into the dirt 
  • If you have a lanai or covered patio, consider putting the plants inside this area at night to stop animals from eating them 
  • Monitor the growth of potted plants and transplant them regularly to ensure they stay healthy. For  plants you place in the ground, be sure to leave enough room for the roots to grow without running into the house foundations. 

If you are looking for a home of your own to place plants in and around, The Core Group can help you. We are ready to show you properties in and around Orlando that you can make your own by adding the plants and flowers you love.