Family Time for the Win: A Letter From Justin


The chaos of this pandemic has been nothing short of a wild ride. The opinions and predictions come in a never-ending fashion with no level of certainty and no reverence for truth. If you enjoy politics there are some riveting political discussions carrying on. If you dislike politics you’re likely losing your mind.

However, amidst the circumstances there are silver linings that may forever change how we view a normal workday. For me, there’s become an opportunity to go back to days of old. Days I wasn’t around to experience but I’ve only viewed through TV shows like “Leave it to Beaver”, or “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Times where dad and mom get home and don’t head into the office to “finish up”. Where work and home are not one and the same because of the blessings of connectivity.

We’ve swum in our pool more in the last 2 months than the previous two years. On top of that my daughter finally learned to ride a bike, because I had time to help, and my wife now knows I can be somewhat handy with tools if I try. Regardless of cooking or “supporting local” through carry out we have eaten as a family at our kitchen table nearly every night.

I realize there are hardships out there and everything is not well for everyone, but it goes to show that difficulties and unknowns have the ability to also bring about good.

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” Romans 8:18 ESV

I pray that this time will change the way we approach our daily lives for good. Early in during the pandemic, I was advised by a mentor to keep a routine, pour into my bible, and spend any extra time possible with my family. That’s easy enough, right? #familytimeforthewin



Justin Core


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