Even If your home isn’t on the market yet, keeping it looking clean and appealing from the outside is an important part of homeownership. Keeping up on outdoor maintenance will help you spot potential safety issues and resolve them before they get worse. If you neglect regular maintenance and uncover a large problem when you are ready to list the home, you can end up having to shell out for a larger repair or asking less for your home so the buyer can fix the problem.

Here are a few tips to keep your home nice and appealing– especially if you plan to go into sell-mode…

Power Wash Regularly

Power washing will get rid of any mold, dirt, dust, spiderwebs, or pollen that have built up on the surface of the home. It will also remove any stains from the walkway and driveway before they can set in. Preventing these stains before they can take hold is much easier than trying to scrub them away after they have already set in.

Keep It Neutral

Buyers like a blank canvas where they can envision themselves settling in to daily life. If you have unique statement pieces that you want to include in your outdoor décor, like statues or fountains, they may be better in your backyard. This way, they will not detract from the look of the home as visitors pull up. Keep paint and trim colors neutral and complementary to attract a wider cross section of buyers.

Use Lighting to Increase Curb Appeal After Dark

Proper lighting can spotlight the best features of the home and landscaping after the sun goes down. It can help visitors see pathways and avoid tripping on tree roots and other natural obstructions. A well-lit house can also deter potential thieves and pranksters, who count on the cover of darkness.

Plant Perennials Where Possible

Flowers are an obvious way to add color and scent to the front of the home but be sure to choose the right ones. Perennials will come back for at least two years or possibly longer depending on the hardiness and care you give them, so you don’t have to worry about re-planting each Spring.

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