Quick Tips To Create a More Welcoming Atmosphere in Your New Home

Transforming the house you purchase into a warm, welcoming place to call a home can be challenging, particularly if you are new to homeownership and decorating. When a home is placed for sale, the agent or owner tries to make it neutral and remove touches of personalization to aid potential buyers in envisioning themselves living there. Once you move in, there are many things you can do to create a comfortable, personalized atmosphere that reflects your style and history. Here are some of the easiest ones to start with. 

Start with Coordinating Color Palettes

Before you start choosing décor accessories, picture frames and rugs to go in each room, setting a color palette for each will help it look cohesive and uniform, even as you incorporate new tones and shades. Having a set color palette to work from allows you to get creative without making things look thrown together. It can also help guide you when choosing pieces that have patterns or prints to incorporate into the space. 

Add Touches to Personalize The Space 

Bringing not only your family but your personality into the home is one of the keys to making it unique. Add touches that bring your family and history into the space, including:

  • Photos, children’s artwork and family heirlooms
  • Vacation souvenirs and keepsakes 
  • Décor items and paintings from your previous home
  • Items that reflect your culture and heritage, like sculptures, bowls or masks 

Make It Comfortable and Warm 

Adding certain textiles, colors and fabrics to your rooms will help give them a warm, cozy feeling. Some of the ways you can make things comfy for your family and visitors in key areas like you living rooms or guest bedrooms might include:

  • Add soft textiles in areas visitors are likely to touch, like a soft rug in the living room where they are likely to walk, or plush towels in the guest bathrooms.                                                                                                    
  • Choose dimmable, warm lighting to make the rooms seem warm and inviting and let visitors customize the level of light they want. 
  • Use neutral colors with a warm undertone on wall surfaces to allow the space a touch of brightness without overwhelming the rest of your décor. 
  • Put blankets where they are easy to reach for guests who get a chill when visiting. 

If you are looking for a home of your own to enjoy decorating and showing off, The Core Group can help you. We are ready to show you properties in and around Orlando that you can make your own and share your creation with the world.