Cost Effective Ways To Preserve The Value Of Your Home


There are several budget-friendly ways to stop the issues that can deteriorate the quality of a home while you live in it. Doing small tasks at quarterly or annual times helps to prevent costly problems like pest invasions, loose floor tiles, and mold growth. 

Perform Regular Pest Control 

Pest control is vital to keeping your property intact, as many of the animals native to the area can become a problem if they gain access to the home. In addition to bugs and rodents, larger animals like snakes, possums and birds can find their way in. The damage they cause to your exterior surfaces, like gutters, soffit and fascia, can be expensive to fix after the fact. You can choose to do regular pest control yourself or hire a company to come out and spray your property. 

Clean Your Grout 

Regular wear and tear can make your grout look dirty and worn, making it less appealing when you try to sell it. If you try to clean it after years of dirt and grime being caked into the grout surface, it will be difficult and expensive to get it back to pristine condition. Instead, an annual cleaning will help remove any buildup and seal the grout against buildup gathering over the coming year. 

Address ANY Water Leaks 

Even small water leaks can be large enough for mold spores to latch on to and begin growing. Once mold or mildew starts to grow, you’ll need professional help to get it out of textiles and surfaces. Some common sources of small leaks that you should check include:

  • Window and glass door edges where moisture can seep in 
  • Appliances like the air conditioner or fridge can have slow condensation streams that can pool up on floors or wall surfaces
  • Bathroom or shower caulking 

Don’t Smoke! (Or At Least Not Inside)

Be sure that no one smokes tobacco inside the property, which can discolor walls and fabrics and leave a lingering smell that is hard to fully remove. If you have a Florida room or covered patio that you use as a smoking area, be sure to keep all doors and windows to the inside of the property shut so no smoke can get in. 

Clean The Exterior Surfaces

The dust, dirt, pollen and other buildup that can naturally pile up on the outer surface of the home can get stuck in place over the years. Power washing the outside of the home once or twice a year will dislodge this buildup, as well as spiderwebs, leaves and other debris that is trapped. You can also wash the driveway and walkways to give the property extra curb appeal. 

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