When buying a home in a new area, there are several factors that are important to consider. These factors have a major impact on home value, safety, satisfaction, and more. There are a number of valuable resources that can give you detailed facts and figures so that you’re informed about the area of your future home. We are here to help you consider areas based on their low crime rates, schools, commute, and proximity to amenities and conveniences.

We’re sharing things to consider before choosing a neighborhood– and how different areas of Central Florida stack up.


Park Ave, Winter Park - Image via Lou Stejskal

Park Ave, Winter Park – Image via Lou Stejskal

If you’d rather spend your evening at your favorite venue than maintain your yard, downtown Orlando might be best for you. If you love shopping and exciting restaurants, you might love Winter Park. If you appreciate nature and a larger piece of property, consider a home in Oviedo or Winter Springs. The lifestyle of a neighborhood might be the biggest factor in determining your happiness with your home.


Sunrise Elementary (Photo Courtesy of examiner.com).

Sunrise Elementary (Photo Courtesy of examiner.com).

Buying a home that is in a good school district can be beneficial whether you have children or not. If you have children, the obvious advantage is that they will receive a good education. In addition, owning a home near a good school district, or in close proximity to colleges and other educational institutions, can increase the value of a home.

Of the 167 schools in Orlando, here are some of the highest performing:

Elementary: Sunrise Elementary School, Hillcrest Elementary School, Avalon Elementary School

Middle: Orlando Science Middle High Charter School, Windy Ridge K-8, Blanker K-8

High: Orlando Science Middle High Charter School, Orange County Virtual School, Timber Creek High School


Blue Jacket Park (Photo Courtesy of youtube.com)

Blue Jacket Park (Photo Courtesy of youtube.com)

Your commute and proximity to conveniences vary depending on where you work and what sort of amenities apply. Parks, recreational areas, hospitals, grocery shopping, entertainment venues, and gyms are all great places to consider when searching out different areas. Orlando is also a major tourism city, so proximity to places like theme parks and beaches can also be a plus.

If you’re searching for a home in the Central Florida/Orlando area, we would be happy to discuss the best areas to match your needs. Here at Core Group, we’re proud to have a team of agents that are experts in the Central Florida area, Winter Springs, Oviedo, and beyond.

Crime Rates

(Photo Courtesy of cnn.com)

(Photo Courtesy of cnn.com)

Among the things to consider when buying a new home, crime rate is quite possibly the most serious. It has a direct effect on the safety of you, your family, and your home. Although the level of crime in a a particular area does effect home values, the reason to give this factor such heavy consideration is that it plays a major role in in the security you feel in and around your home. Your home is an important asset and deserves to be secure. And as a homeowner, you should be able to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to your well being and the well being of your home.

Top Picks:

Lake Mary is nationally ranked as one of the safest neighborhoods in the U.S. Longwood, Winter Park, Lake Nona, Baldwin Park, College Park, Dr. Phillis and other areas are also known for being safe and secure.

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