winter-park-sealThe City of Winter Park has long been a very desirable community, but more recently it has seemed to be just out of the reach of  many of the buyer’s our team has been working with. It’s not always just a price issue, but the challenge of being able to buy an affordable home with the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other traditional homebuyer needs. The discussion almost always turns to sacrificing buyer-needs in a home, in favor of location (Winter Park). I call these NEGOTIABLES. Some of the things often sacrificed are:

  • Square Footage
  • Pool,
  • Number of Bedrooms,
  • Number of Bathrooms, &
  • Upgrades

This slideshow is of the cheapest homes in Winter Park (from least to most) that are currently available for sale. You can hover over the image to see the details and clicking on a property will take you to the full listing.


Don’t write-off Winter Park as unaffordable without looking deeper. Just because you don’t see homes on the market that fit your needs doesn’t mean they haven’t hit the market and sold within a few days (or hours). The good properties are selling very quickly so call us to help to decide if what you are looking for in Winter Park exists, or if it doesn’t we can begin discussing the list of “negotiables” above that might get us to something close to what you’re looking for.

– JC