One of the reasons Central Florida is such a great place to live is the availability of jobs. With major companies from many different industries in the area, there are opportunities for people in all fields to find a fulfilling career. Here are some of the biggest employers in central Florida area.


Walt Disney World

It should come as no surprise that Walt Disney World offers the most jobs of any company in Orlando and the surrounding area, but don’t assume these jobs are all within the parks. Disney also employs people to work in hotels, restaurants, and their corporate offices. The company is often hiring people who speak a second language to assist visitors from around the globe.

Orange County Public Schools

Teachers, counselors, and administrators are needed all over the county at every grade level. Florida’s teacher shortage means that even those who did not study education can find an accelerated path to working in the classroom. With summers off and state funded retirement, county employees are often the envy of other working parents.

Florida Hospital

As a destination healthcare provider, Florida Hospital aims to provide world class care to patients who live locally and abroad. This means that in addition to doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers, there are many administrators, marketers, and support staff in-house. Healthcare is one of Florida’s most popular fields, as the senior population in the state is always growing. Working at a well-known institution like the Florida Hospital gives healthcare professionals the chance to work alongside some of the best doctors in the world.

Publix Supermarkets

Publix is a Florida-based supermarket chain that aims to provide shoppers with a superior experience and good old fashioned Southern hospitality. The company is known for giving employees valuable stock options, and prides itself on being “employee owned”. Publix employees are also paid well and empowered to help customers have a great day, and tend to be happier at work than the average grocery store employee.

Universal Studios

Similar to Disney, Universal runs a large operation that employs many thousands of people in the area. With the addition of the Harry Potter themed parks, Universal Studios is more popular than ever and seems poised to give Disney a run for its money in the near future.

The Other Opportunities That Exist Locally

Not all Central Floridians work for a large corporation. Orlando and the surrounding areas are filled with opportunity for people with entrepreneurial spirit and a little creativity. From small restaurants serving authentic ethnic food to independently owned produce farms, there are many small businesses that thrive in the local area.

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