Safety is a concern no matter where you move, so before you start looking for a new home, you may want to do some research. However, you may find that researching which neighborhood will be a safe bet is more challenging than you initially expected. It’s hard to find any one clear answer on which areas in Central Florida are the safest. The answer can vary based on who you ask, and what data the information they give you is based on. Some areas are lower in overall crime but have a higher rate of vehicle theft and nonviolent crimes. Other areas have a low crime rate, but a much higher median income, making them more challenging for the average person to move into. Consider all of these factors as you look into what area is right for you.

Winter Springs

There are many factors that make Winter Springs a great location for young couples and families, and the low crime rate in the area is one of them. Public parks and waterways are readily available and residents feel confident and safe using them. In addition to being safe, the city is located in Seminole County, where schools are desirable and property can cost less than in Orange County.


Longwood offers a great compromise for people who want to live close to downtown Orlando while still soaking up some old Florida charm. The area is specifically low in regard to vehicle thefts reported compared to other parts of central Florida. Plus, it is only a short drive from the attractions and nightlife.

Port Orange

For people who want to stay in Volusia County, Port Orange is close to both Orlando and Daytona Beach, but statistically safer than either of those locations. Residents of Port Orange can walk around with a sense of personal security, knowing the risk of being robbed is very low compared to Daytona Beach, which is only a 20-minute drive away.


Given its close proximity to Orlando, it would be reasonable to assume that Apopka has the same safety risks. But Apopka scores higher than areas in the city for safety, perhaps thanks to the small town feel the city holds. The rate of personal assaults and robberies is low throughout the Apopka area.

No matter what part of Central Florida you choose to call home, it pays to take some safety precautions to protect yourself and your property. Installing an anti-theft device in your vehicle and a security system in your home will help you feel confident that you are safe no matter where you live. To learn more about the homes currently for sale in the safest neighborhoods in Orlando and the central Florida area, click here to contact the Core Group.