Neighborhood Spotlight: Sanford

3972604504_934050d634The city of Sanford has existed for many hundreds of years but is only now truly coming into its own as a desirable place to live for Orlando residents who want to escape the city. With historical sites to explore, tourist attractions of its own kind and an airport that serves an increasing amount of international destinations, Sanford is attracting more and more residents who want convenient access to Orlando as well as the beaches of Volusia County. Here is a look at some of the things that make Sanford a unique place to live.

History of Sanford

Businessman and former American ambassador Henry Shelton Sanford purchased the land for what would become the city of Sanford in the late 1800s. He saw the possibility for the area to become a gateway to the rest of Florida thanks to its prime location on Lake Monroe. The railway soon began running through the area to other major cities, helping to transport oranges and other citrus fruits from South Florida to other parts of the state. As the 20th century began, Sanford experienced the typical growing pains of a young city, eventually becoming a navy town. Today, the city acts as a transportation hub and a sort of midpoint between the laid back beach communities in Volusia County and the hustle and bustle of Orlando.

Things to Do in Sanford

Sanford is perfect for people who want city convenience but also want to enjoy the best nature has to offer. The city has a Riverwalk trail, designed for walking, biking or jogging, which offers a spectacular view of Lake Monroe and downtown Sanford. As you stroll along, you’ll see plenty of people fishing, boating and enjoying other water sports. Not far from the water’s edge, the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens is home to a diverse selection of plants and animals to keep visitors of all ages interested.

Transportation and Conveniences

One of the advantages of living in Sanford is the ease of getting around the Central Florida area and beyond. Sanford is home to a brand new Sunrail station that takes commuters right into Orlando, making it a breeze to get to work without dealing with I4 traffic. The city has also begun installing charging stations for electric vehicles in the hope of encouraging people to use environmentally friendly vehicles.

When you’re ready to travel out of the area, Sanford Airport is smaller than Orlando International, but this can actually be an advantage for travelers. The crowds are much smaller, parking is simpler, and the airlines serving the airport are constantly adding new destinations.

Purchasing a Home in Sanford

If you like the Sanford area, purchasing a home there can be a wise investment. Average home values in Sanford are below the national average, and as the city continues to make improvements to the area, it will likely help the home you purchase to appreciate in value.

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