Buying a New Home? Here Are Small Signs of a Larger Problem

Finding the right home can take a long time because it isn’t just about finding a place that meets your preferences, it’s also a matter of finding a home in good condition and within your price range. If you start the process of buying a home only to find a large issue within the walls, you’ll end up wasting time and money. So, it’s well worth your while to try and spot signs of issues and weigh them as part of your decision to make an offer on a home.

Why Try to Spot Problems in a Home?

As you proceed with the process of buying a home, you will get an inspection that identifies any larger issues with a home. This will give you an opportunity to decide if the issue is too significant for you to want to move forward in the sale. However, you will pay the fees associated with this whether you choose to go forward with the purchase. This can be several hundred dollars.

Another potential risk of spending time on the buying process only to find out the home has a large issue is the time it wastes. While you are spending time putting in an offer and waiting for the inspection to come back, other homes that you have had your eye on may sell. As a result, if you must find another home to buy, you might be right back to square one.

Some of the signs that a larger issue is lurking beneath the surface of a home include:

  • Water stains or signs of a past leak. If you see brown spots or puckering along the ceiling or top of walls, it might be a sign of a past leak that was not properly addressed. You can also check for these along the corner of carpeting and floorboards, which might signal past flooding.
  • Cracks along the outer walls can be signs of issues with the foundation as the home settles. While one or two cracks can be normal, more than that might be a sign of a serious structural issue.
  • Bald patches or missing shingles in sections along the roof can be a sign that the whole thing will need replacement soon.
  • Oil stains on the driveway can end up being permanent, especially if they have lingered for a long time. This may not be a serious issue, but as the homeowner you might find it aggravating.

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