Buying a home is an option that is growing more popular for smart college students. Traditionally, many people choose to live on campus at first to try and get to know the area before settling into a particular neighborhood. However, if a young buyer has family support or funds saved up, purchasing a place to live in can be a smart investment that is sure to appreciate by the time he or she graduates. With interest rates low and home values on the rise, the time to purchase is right now. Here are some of the best neighborhoods for students in Central Florida to live in, compiled by the Core Group.

Winter Park

If you’re attending Rollins College or The University of Central Florida, living in Winter Park is a great option. The close proximity to campus life, social activities, and shopping makes this neighborhood a perfect choice. While many families call the quieter parts of Winter Park home, the area also offers plenty of things for young, single people to do and see. Boutiques, restaurants, and bars dot the cobblestone streets. Plus, depending on where in Winter Park you choose to live, you can be only ten miles or less from campus. Homes in this area can be more expensive than other parts of Orlando but are sure to hold their value, as Winter Park is always a popular place to live.  


A less obvious but still convenient choice is a home in Oviedo. If you’re looking to stay focused on studying and avoid the party lifestyle, living in this suburban area might be a perfect fit. Most people associate the area with family life, but that is exactly what makes a home in this area a great investment. Homes is Oviedo are easy to resell because of the low crime rate, great schools, and family-friendly activities, all of which can be hard to find in other parts of Orlando. While living in this area may not put you directly in the heart of the action, it is only a short drive from campus.


For students who are comfortable with a longer commute, Maitland is an area worth considering. The area has low home prices, wonderful ethnic diversity and food options and easy access to major highways that lead into downtown Orlando. While it is a little farther from campus than Winter Park, overall the drive should be a short thirty minutes or less. For students who may end up staying in the area after graduation, Maitland is centrally located, making for an easy commute to any area where you may get a job.

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Central Florida to live in while you study or rent to students as an investment, the Core Group can help you find the right place. Contact us to get started.