Owning a home means doing some maintenance at any point in the year, and remembering to take care of the tasks that only need to be done once a year. Keeping up with the maintenance on your home helps to preserve the value as time goes on, and can help you avoid larger issues that can occur due to lack of maintenance. Here are some annual home maintenance tasks to put on your calendar for this month before it gets too hot!

Air Conditioner Check

An annual air conditioning check can help you understand what to expect in the coming year. A professional can assess the current and future condition of your HVAC unit, and give you a heads up on parts that may wear out soon. This can save you from having to make an emergency call in the middle of the night when the unit stops working, which can cost twice or three times as much.

Gutter Inspection

If your home has gutters, making sure that they are staying in the right place is important for many reasons. The main function of gutters is to draw rainwater away from the foundations of your home, and keep the home from shifting. Since we get a lot of rain in the Central Florida area, rainwater distribution can make a big impact on your home, so its important to make sure they are still secured to the home and there are no blockages stopping the water from flowing out properly.

Oven Cleaning

It’s a task no one enjoys doing, but it makes a big difference in the function and smell of your oven. The best time to clean your oven is when no one is home to be affected by any fumes, and you have a long time to allow the cleaner to work. After the cleaning process is done, you may want to run the oven empty on a low heat setting to get rid of any residue.

Dryer Vent Check

There are many issues that can arise with a dryer vent, including clogging due to lint accumulation, or reduced power due to the vent wearing out. You can hire a professional service to remove all of the dust and buildup from the dryer vent, and with proper regular cleaning, you should not need to have it done again for at least 12 months.

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