A Guide To Tidying Up Your Orlando Home

With most of the nation captivated by the idea of tidying their homes and getting rid of clutter, you might be hearing a lot about the Konmari method and how it can make your life simpler. If you’re wondering how to apply the advice from the popular book and Netflix show to your life, here are a few key points to keep in mind as you start tidying up your home.

Take the Leap All at Once

One of the most important parts of the Konmari method is making a life change all at once. This means devoting one day or weekend to sorting through all your clutter, packing up the items you no longer want and taking them to a Goodwill or another donation center. For many people with a house full of family, this step is intimidating, but its well worth the feeling of freedom you’ll get after its done. If you absolutely cant get it all done in one go, simply create the pile in a spare room or closet and continue to work on it before moving on to another category.

Try Tidying by Category

Moving through the clutter with a specific order in mind is a good way to stay motivated and keep from getting distracted. The Konmari method advises that you sort through your possessions in this order:

  • Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Books, papers and mail
  • Miscellaneous objects
  • Gifts and items that hold sentimental value

Part with Gifts and Sentimental Objects

Most people struggle to get rid of items they don’t really care for but received as gifts from friends and family members. Unfortunately, these items end up creating clutter and filling closet space. The best way to deal with this is to view gifts as having served their purpose once given to the recipient. The gift giver intended for you to enjoy the feeling of getting the gift, which was already accomplished long ago. Therefore, you should feel no guilt in letting them go.

Organize Seasonal Items So You Can Find Them

The Konmari method doesn’t advocate getting rid of your Christmas lights, Halloween decorations or summer outdoor essentials. Instead, the advice is to treat these items the same as the ones that fall into other categories. Identify the ones that evoke joy in you, get rid of the rest, and make sure the ones you keep are easy to see. Use clear Rubbermaid bins or boxes so you can easily see inside, and stack them in an orderly fashion instead of jamming them all in.

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