If you prefer to cook at home instead of visiting restaurants, you can still incorporate global flavors and ingredients into your meals. Here are some of the specialty supermarkets that Orlando residents can visit to get special ingredients, imported spices and sauces and a rainbow of different candies.

For Health-Conscious Buyers on a Budget: Freshfield Farms, East Compton Street

Founded right here in Orlando in the early 1970s, this family owned store serves up fresh meat, seafood, deli meat and produce in a no-frills atmosphere. By eliminating distribution centers, warehouses and processing plants from the supply chain, the supermarket cuts days from the typical process. Fans of the market love the farm raised meat, lack of preservatives, and short shelf life of the produce.

A National Favorite: Trader Joes, Locations in Doctor Phillips and Winter Park

This California chain has superfans all over the nation who love the selection of prepared foods and international treats. Dating back to the late 1950s, the store has gained a reputation as a place to buy healthy, delicious alternatives for reasonable prices-and their three-dollar bottles of wine.

Get Hispanic Foods and Spices at Bravo Supermarkets, Multiple Locations

A favorite with Hispanic crowds all over the East Coast, Bravo Supermarkets offer a selection of Latin American products, spices and specialty dishes. Each store is independently owned and operated, so every trip to a new one is a little adventure to see what you can find. Just over a dozen of these stores exist in the Orlando metro area, most catering to the city’s large Puerto Rican and Dominican populations.

Taste Island Flavors at The Caribbean Supercenter, Pine Hills

In the Pine Hills neighborhood, this large supermarket offers all the ingredients needed to make the staples of Caribbean cuisine. The deli and bakery counters offer freshly made regional specialties from Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and other countries. This is also one of the best places for Muslim consumers to get fresh halal meats that conform to dietary restrictions.

Find Rare Herbs and Spices at the 1st Oriental Market, Pine Hills

Right across Colonial Drive from the Caribbean Supercenter, this Asian store offers unique fresh ingredients and popular pantry staples from Asian nations. In addition to food, you’ll find many of the crucial components for making traditional Chinese remedies, including rare spices and hard to find herbs.

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