If you’re enrolling your child (or children) in a Central Florida school for the first time, you may be wondering where to start in choosing one. Central Florida has a wealth of options when it comes to schooling, and the best option for you depends greatly on your child’s personality, household budget, religious affiliation and learning style. The first step to making an informed school choice is to understand the options available to you, so read on to learn more about what each type of school entails and what type of student each type of school is best suited for.

Public Schools

Central Florida has over a hundred public schools in the area, so choosing one can become overwhelming. As a general rule, the ratings and quality of your local public school can vary greatly based on what county you live in. While the schools in Seminole County have better rankings overall, there are also top rated schools in Orange County. The key with public schools is to conduct research and get a full idea of what a school is like before committing to it. Talk to parents, connect with local groups on Facebook, conduct online searches for reviews, take tours, and even speak to former students if you are able to.

Private Schools

Education through a private school in Central Florida can be the right choice, particularly if your child is gifted or exceptional. However, the associated price tag can be hefty. Data shows that the average cost for elementary school tuition is close to $6,000 annually and high school is a little more, around $8000. Many of the private schools in Orlando and the surrounding areas are affiliated with a church, and the curriculum often includes a religious component.

Charter Schools

Charter schools operate with public school funding and within the general guidelines set for public schools but have a little more leeway as to how they can operate. Each charter school is operated by an organization that may have established schools in other parts of the state already. You can look at the way the existing schools operate to get a better idea of what to expect. These schools don’t charge tuition, so they can have a long waiting list for elementary grades.

Magnet Schools

Magnet schools expand the traditional curriculum to focus on one area or group of topics in particular, such as:

  • STEM
  • Performing arts
  • Fine arts
  • Vocational skills

These schools may have long waiting lists, so it’s important to decide which you want to apply at and get paperwork in long before the school year starts.

Before you can start the process of finding the right school, you have to find the right Central Florida home that accommodates the members of your family. The Core Group can help you find the perfect home for your family. Click here to get in touch and get started.