A Father’s Legacy: A Letter From Justin


I want to take a moment and recognize all of the father figures out there! Coming off the back of Father’s Day weekend it really had me thinking how your value to our society and your family cannot be understated.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was given an unfair advantage in life because of the involvement of my father and grandfathers who were completely present and taught me how to be a man, and now a father.

They taught me work ethic, not by telling me about it but by showing me. I was taught how to be a husband, not by reading a book but by watching how my mother was treated. I saw how to be a father when we were having fun wrestling in the house and when the police called because I was acting a fool (growing up in Oviedo you didn’t have to do a lot to have an interaction with the gentlemen in blue).

This is certainly not limited to biological fathers but anyone who can be a strong role model in a child’s life. We are in a tumultuous time in this country and there are so many societal things to take issue with. So many legislative issues to debate. So many wicked people out there to be condemned. Yet, I can’t help but think of what the impact would be of more God-fearing present father-figures and what that would do for us all.

This picture is from an annual goal planning lunch with my dad and grandfather and two brothers. We have done this for probably the last 5 years of so and is just a single instance of many where iron is sharpening iron.

I know God has greatly blessed me but I think we sometimes forget about the people who simply continue showing up day-after-day. On good days and bad days, easy days and hard days I’ll continue to show up and I’ll continue to support and grow up the next generation.

Keep your foot on the pedal dads, keep running the race and keep changing the world!


Justin Core

P.S. Thank you for being a supporter of our business! We survive on your referrals, so if you know anyone that could use the services of a real estate professional, I would love the opportunity to earn their business.


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