If you’re a buyer in today’s market, going it alone is swimming in shark-infested waters without a life vest (or cage). The best tool you can have (if you’re serious about buying a property) is an experienced Buyer’s Agent to help you navigate the process.

Don't be fooled by an unknown LA.

Don’t be fooled by an unknown LA.

A Buyer’s Agent will not only be able to provide you with critical market data on pricing such as how long the property has been on the market (to keep you from buying a dud) and property value (to further keep you from spending your hard earned money on a dud), but their market knowledge will get you:

  1. Access to properties not on the market yet – The best properties that sell are not available long enough for an unrepresented buyer to even set up a showing.
  2. Insider information into other competitive offers.
  3. A seller’s motivation – The real estate business is ultimately made up of PEOPLE and PEOPL TALK. The problem for disconnected buyers is that there’s no way to access that very important information short of being well-connected agents themselves.
  4. Property history or issues.
  5. Strength in negotiations – When I purchased my home I knew it was not in my best interest to represent myself, so I HAD ANOTHER REAL ESTATE PRO negotiate on my behalf. Even professional negotiators know they can’t matters alone. That only places you in a WEAK negotiation position.
  6. Contract preparation –  The most amusing, albeit, sad part of my job is to watch buyers that are unlearned in real estate pretend to go over contracts alone while pretending to understand it all.THE AVERAGE REAL ESTATE CONTRACT IS OVER 15 PAGES, page after page of  addendums, disclosures and jargon. You MIGHT be able to get this prepared on your own…just like you MIGHT be able to swim an entire triathlon your first try. But do you really want to leave the deal on your next home to chance?
  7. Contract-to-closing – The 30-60 days between your contract and scheduled closing are sometimes the most difficult part of the transaction. You will have inspections, repairs, appraisal, and title issues to work through—and alone if you do not have access an experienced professional to help you negotiate the best end-result.


Sellers can be sharks too. In my experience, they are usually well-equipped with reputable and seasoned professionals at their side. Unrepresented buyers that are not well-versed are usually advantage of and lose more often than they win.

Remember, in most cases, the Buyer’s agency commission is paid at closing by the Seller, and Buyers are not in a position to negotiate the commission agreed to between the Seller and their listing agent.

Therefore,  it’s not uncommon for the Listing agent to SIMPLY WALK AWAY WITH THE FULL COMMISSION.

Don’t allow your deal to compromised due to ignorance. Contact an experienced real estate professional and put them on the side.

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