When you’re looking to purchase a home, you may get caught up in finding the perfect individual property and forget to look at the larger picture. Living in a neighborhood that matches the kind of life you want to live is key to your happiness. Conversely, finding the perfect house in an area you hate is unlikely to make you happy. Marrying the kind of home you want with the kind of neighborhood you like is the best way to ensure you stay happy in the long run. Here are a few factors you may not have considered as you search for a home.


If you enjoy getting outside to stay fit, or have a dog that loves to get outside, walkability is important to your lifestyle. Walkability doesn’t just mean how close you are to things, it also means having the right structural pieces in place, like sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic lights with pedestrian signals. Also consider how much time outside of your regular commute you want to spend in the car. If you don’t want to sit in traffic just to get a pizza after work, an area that has restaurants and cafes within walking distance might be a better bet for you.

Neighborhood Values

Don’t just look at the value of your house before you buy. It’s important to get a snapshot of values in the entire area for several reasons. Some realtors say that it is a bad idea to buy the most expensive house in the area, aka the best house on a bad block, because it will be harder for you to resell and the neighborhood’s other homes may never catch up to your investment.

School Zoning

You may not have children or plan to have them, but buyers who might buy your home later on could find this to be a sticking point. Living in a good school district can be a persuasive selling point when you’re ready to move on. Plus, a good school typically means an invested community that takes pride in the area.

Green Space Access

Being close to a space where nature surrounds you can be a game changer, helping you destress after a long work day. In Orlando, most neighborhoods are close to some type of green space, whether it’s a park or one of the local lakes. Nearby access to a space where you can breathe fresh air and get some sunshine all year long is vital to keeping yourself healthy, and one of the best parts of living in Florida.

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